Zircote PEAR channel

Registering the channel:
pear channel-discover zircote.com/pear
Listing available packages:
pear remote-list -c zircote
Installing a package:
pear install zircote/package_name
Installing a specific version/stability:
pear install zircote/package_name-1.0.0
pear install zircote/package_name-beta
Receiving updates via a feed:

Hal - A PHP library for HAL generation

HAL is a simple way of linking with JSON or XML. It provides a set of conventions for expressing hyperlinks to, and embeddedness of, related resources - the rest of a HAL document is just plain old JSON or XML. HAL is a bit like HTML for machines, in that it is designed to drive many different types of application. The difference is that HTML is intended for presenting a graphical hypertext interface to a 'human actor', whereas HAL is intended for presenting a machine hypertext interface to 'automated actors'. This document contains a formalised specification of HAL. For a friendlier, more pracitcal introduction to HAL you can read this article: JSON Linking with HAL HAL has two main components: Resources and Links. - https://github.com/zircote/Hal - http://groups.google.com/group/hal-discuss - http://stateless.co/hal_specification.html - http://blog.stateless.co/post/13296666138/json-linking-with-hal - http://www.mnot.net/blog/2011/11/25/linking_in_json - https://gist.github.com/2289546

Install commandpear install zircote/Hal
LicenseApache 2.0
MaintainersRobert Allen (as lead)
Releases0.3.3 (beta), 0.2.0 (beta)

Swagger - A PHP library for swagger resource generation

swagger-php ============ - [![Master Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/zircote/swagger-php.png?branch=master)](http://travis-ci.org/zircote/swagger-php) `master` - [![0.5.0 Development Build Status](https://secure.travis-ci.org/zircote/swagger-php.png?branch=0.5.0)](http://travis-ci.org/zircote/swagger-php) `0.5.0-dev` [Documentation](http://zircote.com/swagger-php) Download: - http://zircote.com/pear - tarball: https://github.com/zircote/swagger-php/downloads - Clone Via git: https://github.com/zircote/swagger-php.git Swagger-PHP is a PHP library that servers as an annotations toolkit to produce [Swagger Doc](http://swagger.wordnik.com) it makes extensive use of the [Doctine Common library](http://www.doctrine-project.org/projects/common.html) for annotations support and caching. - Documentation http://zircote.com/swagger-php - To submit changes, additions or updates to the documentation or swagger-php itself please fork the project and submit a pull request. Documentation resides within the `gh-pages` branch. - To report issues, ask questions please feel free to submit to [Github Isses](https://github.com/zircote/swagger-php/issues) Features ------------------- - Fully compatible with the full swagger documented proposal. - Caching layer using the `\Doctrine\Common\Cache` library - Full project discovery - Standalone CLI phar implementation - Free More on Swagger: * http://swagger.wordnik.com/ * https://github.com/wordnik/swagger-core/wiki * https://github.com/outeredge/SwaggerModule a ZF2 Module implementing swagger-php

Install commandpear install zircote/Swagger
LicenseApache 2.0
Dependencies pear.doctrine-project.org/DoctrineCommon
MaintainersRobert Allen (as lead)
Releases0.6.0 (beta), 0.4.2 (beta), 0.4.1 (beta), 0.4.0 (alpha)

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