Using Swagger-PHP

Generating the Swagger Documentation can be performed in multiple ways.Depending on your workflow the method you choose may vary. Large projects will want to compile the documentation at deployment, while conversely in an development environment you may choose to generate on demand. Within these constraints there is again more than one means by which to produce the documents in your project, you may choose to create your own tooling that utilizes the SwaggerSwagger class and control your filtering options on demand. While finally the alternative to this is to utilize the CLI swagger.phar to produce your swagger documentation,


The following example will render the documentation to a web request.

use Swagger\Swagger;
$swagger = new Swagger('/project/root/top_level');
header("Content-Type: application/json")
echo $swagger->getResource('/pet', array('output' => 'json'));

While the CLI example will create individual json documents for each resource discovered in your project, these file are then mappable via the swagger-ui of any other swagger friendly tool you wish to utilize against them.

php swagger.phar /project/root/top_level -o /var/html/swagger-docs

Check the help for additional options.

php swagger.phar --help

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