Using Swagger-PHP

Generating the Swagger Documentation can be performed in multiple ways.

Depending on your workflow the method you choose may vary. Generally you’ll want to generate the documentation on-the-fly in development and generate static json files in production.

Via Command Line

The CLI will create json files for each resource discovered in your project. To make them accessable to swagger-ui they must be placed onto an webserver.

php swagger.phar /projects/my_project  -o /var/html/swagger-docs

Check the help for additional options.

php swagger.phar --help


The following example will generate and output the documentation of the “/pet” resource.

use Swagger\Swagger;
$swagger = new Swagger('/projects/my_project');
header('Content-Type: application/json');
echo $swagger->getResource('/pet', array('output' => 'json'));

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